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Canadian prisoners will soon pay to be jailed

May 10, 2012

A growing number of prisoners in Canada, combined with the closing of a number of holding facilities, has led inmates as well as guards to complain about double-bunking. There have also been reports of offenders being held in every available space in addition to overcrowding regular prison cells, The Globe and Mail reports.

"The use of interview rooms and other non purpose-built space to accommodate women offenders is unacceptable," correctional investigator Howard Sapers wrote in a letter to Corrections Canada commissioner Don Head, according to the news source.

In response to these rumors and allegations, Canada's Public Safety Minister, Vic Towes, announced there will be changes in the prison system. CBC News indicates inmates who are enrolled in work training programs will no longer be paid, the restrictions for purchasing outside goods will be tightened, and there will be an increased cost for room and board starting next year.

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