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Police seize $7 million in assets from suspected poachers

May 10, 2012

South African officials have been working hard to put an end to rhino poaching. The latest move by law enforcement agents was to seize nearly $7 million worth of assets from three suspected poachers, according to RTT News. The suspects were arrested in September 2010 and have been charged with 1,872 counts of racketeering as well as killing and selling rhinos. The police will keep the seized assets until the criminals' case is settled.

"Generally, those who commit such crimes will serve their sentences but still come back to a life of luxury," said police spokesman colonel Vishnu Naido. "By seizing assets, criminals have no worldly possessions to enjoy and this certainly helps send out a clear message that crime does not pay."

This is one of the largest wildlife cases ever brought up in South Africa, and those who want to find out more about it can make calls to South Africa with international phone cards. Poaching is the biggest threat to the shrinking rhino populations in South Africa. Already this year, 210 rhinos have been slaughtered by those intending to sell their horns on the black market.


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