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Vladimir Putin takes presidential oath despite national unrest

May 7, 2012

On Monday morning, Vladimir Putin was sworn in as the new president of Russia. Many Russian people made their stance against the leader clear during the presidential race by protesting, and the same held true when Putin took the presidential oath. The New York Times reports protesters held an anti-Putin March over the weekend, and further protests were held on Monday. More than 500 people have been arrested, but the civil unrest didn't seem to faze Putin.

"I will do my best to justify the trust of millions of our citizens," Putin said during his inaugural address, according to the Times. "I think it is the meaning of my whole life, and it is my duty to serve our country, serve our people. This support encourages me and inspires me and helps me address the most difficult tasks. We have passed a long and difficult road together."

Putin stressed unity above all else in his short speech, Reuters reports. This marks the third time Putin has held presidential office, and he has made comments about possibly running again at the end of this term.

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