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Everyone's getting ready for Cinco de Mayo

May 3, 2012

This weekend, people all over the world will celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican holiday was originally designated to commemorate the 1862 Battle of the Puebla where Mexican soldiers took on Napoleon III's French army. Cinco de Mayo has since been adopted as a remembrance day for the Mexican-American civil rights movement of the 1970s as well, according to The Washington Post.

"Cinco de Mayo actually ties back to a battle that the Mexicans won against the French in 1862," Jimmy Vena, head chef and manager at the Spicy Mexican Cantina in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, told the Asbury Park Press. "It wasn't a very significant battle, but it's looked upon with pride in many parts of Mexico because the French army was so much bigger and better-equipped than the Mexican army at the time."

These days, the holiday has become mostly a celebration of Mexican culture, and people in all corners of the U.S. mark the event with all-day festivals, street fairs, parades, music, food, beer, tequila and dancing. Public events are held in many towns and cities across the U.S. and Mexico. Those with family and friends across the border can make calls to Mexico with international calling cards this weekend to wish their loved ones a happy holiday.


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