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India's president visits South Africa to discuss business

May 1, 2012

South Africa welcomed a prestigious guest on the first day of May - India's president Pratibha Patil.  Her visit will potentially strengthen the ties between the two nations as well as address international business affairs.

"India and South Africa share a common vision on a range of global issues and domestic challenges," read a statement from India's Department of International Relations and Cooperations. "Many of the objectives are being pursued both bilaterally and multilaterally, and are also being given content through South-South initiatives."

President Patil will meet with South African president Jacob Zuma to discuss the nations' continuing cooperation in matters such as trade, education, defense, agriculture, health, technology, science and many other areas of interest. Last year, bilateral trade between India and South Africa reached 48.2 billion rands (roughly $6.2 billion), with more goods being sent to South African than to India. The leaders hope to increase trade to about R111 million ($14.3 billion) by 2014.

Those who want to find out more about President Patil's visit can make calls to South Africa with phone cards and ask their friends for the latest updates.


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