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A number of rare turtles return to the Philippines from China

April 27, 2012

Back in February, a smuggler was arrested in the Hong Kong International Airport when a number of rare turtles were found in his luggage. The Chinese criminal tried to bring 36 turtles from the Philippines into Hong Kong, but he was caught, and the turtles were finally returned to their rightful home.

"The turtles are fine, active," Theresa Lim, director of the Philippines' government wildlife bureau, told the AFP. "Unfortunately, two of the pond turtles and three Asian box turtles died in Hong Kong due to stress."

The Associated Press reports the group included a number of pond turtles that are only found on Palawan Island. These tiny creatures are often sought out as food or pets, leaving a very small number left in the wild.

Eventually the turtles will be released back into the wild, but they will undergo rehabilitation for a few months before they can go free. Those who want to find out more about the tragic story with a happy ending can find out by calling the Philippines with international phone cards.


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