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South African sweeps AMAA with nine awards

April 27, 2012

The African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) were held on Sunday, April 22, and South Africa was one of the top contenders. The AMAA's mission is to honor the efforts of African filmmakers and give their work recognition on a global platform. "How to Steal 2 Million," a film about an ex-con falling back into a world of crime to take revenge on his ex, was named the AMAA Best Film of 2012. It beat out movies from Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

"The [National Film and Video Foundation] congratulates all South African winners at the AMA Awards," said Azania Muendane, the head of marketing and public affairs for South Africa's NVFV. "The country won awards in most of the highly contested categories, demonstrating the outstanding quality of our local products."

Other films made by South Africans took home awards for Achievement in Sound, Achievement in Cinematography, Best Child Actor, Best Director and more.

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