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Blind fashion designer from Cameroon has vision

April 27, 2012

Cameroon native Mason Ewing, 30, is making waves in the French fashion world. The really impressive part of this story is that Ewing is blind. The designer's sight was taken from him during a rough period of his young life, according to The Daily Mail. He can still see some colors and shapes, but leaves it to a team of artists to create the visions he describes to them.

Ewing held his first fashion show in 2006 and his most successful line is a t-shirt collection featuring Baby Madison. This cartoon infant is a mixture of races, representing tolerance and equality. reports Ewing's shirts include Braille so he is able to tell what color each shirt is and which design it bears.

The blind designer's next dream is to create TV programs based on an animated series featuring Madison. He is already well on his way, and filming has begun for "Eryna Bella," a teen drama, in Los Angeles, according to

Those who want to tell their friends more about Ewing can make calls to Cameroon with international phone cards.


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