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Survey reveals food South Africans miss most while abroad

April 26, 2012

South African people who leave the country for work, school or any other reason may encounter homesickness, and the best way to ease those pangs is by eating food that comes from home. South African Hotels recently set out to find just what foods South Africans missed most when they are abroad, specifically focusing on those living in the London metropolitan area of the U.K.

"Migratory circuits connecting South Africa, U.K. and Europe have long been active," said Ryan Mackie, a spokesman for South African Hotels. "It's therefore not surprising that three of the foods that came up in our top 10 list were of Dutch origin - Biltong, Drywors and Boerewors. It's interesting to see the long-term impact the Dutch have had on South Africa's current-day culture."

Other items the survey revealed as favorites included Sparletta cream soda, Simba Nik Naks corn chips, Mrs. Balls Chutney, Tennis Biscuits, Maize Meal, Ouma Rusks and Peppermint Crisp candy bars.

Those who have a craving for their favorite local foods can make calls to South Africa with international phone cards and ask their loved ones to send care packages with the treats they desire.


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