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Princess of Monaco will assist South African swim team in Olympic preparation

April 23, 2012

South Africa's Olympic swimming team will be getting royal treatment in the few weeks leading up to the summer games. Reuters reports Princess Charlene of Monaco is holding a two-week training camp for the Swimming South Africa (SSA) team in July. Here, the athletes will have access to facilities leading up to the start of the games.

"The team will be going into camp there," SSA president Jace Naidoo told Reuters. "It was all finalized over the last few days."

The princess is no stranger to Olympic competitions, as she competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics for South Africa. She swam in the 4x100 meter-medley, and the South African team placed fifth overall that year. Since she married Prince Albert of Monaco last year, she is using her position to assist the swimmers in their preparation, The Associated Press reports.

The lineup has not been announced yet, and is expected to be released around mid-May. Following the selection of athletes who will compete in the London Olympics, the team will train together in Spain and Italy prior to their visit to Monaco.

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