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Brazil's Health Ministry finds weight gain and obesity to be growing problems

April 12, 2012

As a whole, Brazilians are gaining weight at an alarming rate. A recent study by the Brazilian Health Ministry found that the amount of overweight Brazilians increased nearly 6 percent from 42.7 percent in 2006 to 48.5 percent last year, according to the AFP. Obesity is on the rise as well, with 15.8 percent of the country's population tipping the scales last year, compared to just 11.4 percent in 2006.

"There is a tendency toward increased weight and obesity in the country. It's time to reverse the trend to avoid becoming a country like the United States," Health Minister Alexandre Padilha told the news source. "Adopting public policies for children and adolescents is essential to prevent people from becoming obese."

The results of the study have caused the ministry to make efforts to offer healthier food options to Brazilian citizens and encourage them to get more exercise, according to BBC News. There will be programs on health education in public schools and communities around Brazil as well.

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