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Mexico sees increase of social network use

April 10, 2012

Social networking is the latest craze in Mexico, as more internet users flock to sites like Facebook and Twitter. Recent reports indicate more people are visiting websites that allow them to interact with other users, and they are spending more time on these pages, according to The Financial. Preliminary estimates predict an increase of 17.9 percent in social networking in Mexico. Facebook is leading the charge with an expected total of more than 25.6 million users in Mexico by 2013.

YouTube and Twitter have also been tracking increases of Mexican users in recent months, and the news source reports a study conducted by Elogia, indicates 34 percent of users visit the YouTube website multiple times each day. The report highlighted the fact that roughly three quarters of YouTube users are watching videos on their computers, while only 23 percent use smartphones and other handheld devices for such purpose.

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