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Easter egg tree attracts attention in East Germany

April 4, 2012

Easter is coming in a few days, and one German man really gets in the holiday spirit. Every year Volker Kraft, 76, decorates an apple tree in his garden with Easter eggs, making his East German town, Saalfeld, a popular springtime attraction, The Associated Press reports. This year, Kraft claims he will stop adding eggs to the collection, as 10,000 colorful and uniquely decorated eggs is his limit.

"There will be no increase because I do not have the storage capacity anymore," Kraft told the news source. "I would have to sleep with the eggs otherwise."

Kraft planted an apple tree in his garden in 1965, and the sapling was only able to hold the weight of 18 decorated eggs the first year, according to the AFP. As the tree grew bigger and stronger, Kraft added more eggs every year. Each plastic egg is hand-decorated by Kraft and his family with everything from paint and sequins to tiny seashells.

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