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New bill enters Russian parliament to ban 'gay propaganda' nationally

March 29, 2012

Recently, a citywide ban on "gay propaganda" was put into effect in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and now the national government is considering implementing a countrywide policy. RIA Novosti reports the Novosibirsk Region Legislative Assembly submitted legislature to the Russian parliament that would make "promotion of homosexuality among minors an administrative offense."

The Associated Press reports that many gay rights activists fear the legislation will be used to put a stop to public demonstrations. It was once considered a crime to be homosexual in Russia, but the government decriminalized it in 1993. However, a great deal of anti-gay sentiment still exists in the country.

If this new legislation passes into law, the fines for promoting the practice of homosexuality, lesbian, bisexual and transgender lifestyles could vary between $170 per individual to $17,000 for legal entities, RIA states.

The submission of this bill could wind up disrupting attempts to organize a Russian Gay Pride Parade as well. Those who want to find out more about this controversial situation can ask their friends by calling Russia with international phone cards.


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