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Canadian well-being advocacy groups stress important of toddler playtime

March 29, 2012

Technology has become an ever-present part of life for many people, and young children are often allowed to spend more time in front of TV and computer screens than is beneficial to their health and development. The Waterloo Record reports that a number of health advocacy groups across the nation got together to create the first guidelines for the physical well-being of children ages four and under.

"There's no redeeming feature of screen time under the age of two," Mark Tremblay, the chairman of the committee behind the initiative, told the news source. "Don't use screens as hypnotic elements to entertain them, just to pass time. It's not advantageous for the healthy growth and development of a child to do that."

The guidelines stress that minimizing sedentary activities and encouraging play time are cruical for the healthy development and growth of children.

Those who want to check in on their younger relatives and tell their family members about these guidelines can make calls to Canada with international phone cards.


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