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Philippines, Vietnam to play real-life game of Battleship

March 28, 2012

Naval exercises are common practice for militaries, but they are typically done by one nation at a time. However, BusinessWorld Online reports the Philippine Navy recently extended an invitation to the Vietnamese military to take part in an international naval exercise. These two nations are already allied, but these exercises could strengthen their ties.

Gulf News reports they will hold their war games in the South China Sea (also called the West Philippine Sea), and in addition will share the responsibility of patrolling the maritime borders.

"This visit is expected to provide opportunities for the conduct of joint maritime exercises in the West Philippine Sea (northeast of Vietnam) and other common maritime domains following proper diplomatic channels," said a statement from the Philippine Navy, according to the news source.

The Philippine Navy also paid a visit to Thailand to propose a similar offer. The goal of these international relations is to promote cooperation between nations. Those who want to find out more can make calls to the Philippines with international calling cards.


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