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German bears caught playing in the snow like children

March 23, 2012

At a wildlife park in Bavaria, Germany, a pair of European brown bears had their own snow day. The Metro reports that British photographer Duncan Usher was on hand to snap photos of these bears playing like school children on snowy hills at the park.

"I decided to travel to the park in the hope of getting some action shots of animals in a snowy environment," Usher told the new source. "The two bears were frolicking in the fresh snow, just like children, and they repeatedly slid down a short slope, grunting and puffing with delight and obviously enjoying the early spring sunshine."

The bears, one male and one female, were estimated to be about five years old, according to The Daily Mail, and they were certainly acting their age. As they slid down the snowy hill, they would sometimes grab their back paws with their front ones to make themselves go faster.

Nothing can make a bear seem friendly than when it's acting like a child, but these massive creatures are still extremely dangerous. Even though they look like they know how to have fun, those living outside the country may want to make calls to Germany and remind their friends not to join these furry beasts on the slopes.


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