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MoneySense reveals list of Best Places to Live in Canada

March 20, 2012

Ontario cities crowded the winner's circle of MoneySense's annual Best Places to Live list, with Ottawa taking the prize for the third year in a row. The publication compares 190 different cities and towns in Canada based on 22 categories, such as the weather, air quality, housing, crime, health professionals, amenities and culture.

The Toronto Star reports Toronto saw marked improvements, jumping from 88th place last year to 47th ahead of Aurora, Portage la Prairie and Saint-Georges this year. The city did get an impressive score when it came to culture, ranking sixth in this category, behind Vancouver, North Vancouver, Victoria, Canmore and Montreal. However, it came in just ahead of Ottawa.

Those working or studying outside the country can find out how their hometowns fared by calling Canada with international phone cards to ask their friends.

The worst city to live in out of those ranked was found to be New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. This city only fared moderately well when it came to affordable housing (28th place) and amount of new cars being driven in the city (75th place). Every other category placed New Glasgow in the bottom 60.


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