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Geckos to ride on Russia research satellite this year

March 19, 2012

News that Russia was planning to send astronauts to the moon was leaked last week, but they may not be first in line to leave Earth's atmosphere. The Global Post reports that a group of geckos are currently being tested to determine which of the reptiles will be placed in a research satellite set to be launched by the end of 2012.

"Geckos don't need much special training because of their particular way of life," a spokesman from the Institute of Biomedical Problems explained to the Moscow Times. "They are not badly fitted to extreme conditions. Even under the effects of unusual gravity changes, you see that they don't care where they run, on the floor, wall or ceiling."

The Times reports that 15 geckos will be sent into space, separated into three containers holding five lizards each. A similar setup will be observed on Earth as a control to observe the effects of space travel on the lizards.

Those who want to know more about Russia's reptilian space program and other stellar exploration projects can find out by calling Russia and asking their friends about the latest news.


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