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FIFA lauds Nigeria Football Federation for effectively dealing with problems

March 16, 2012

Global football organization FIFA recently commended the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for resolving problems with Dr. Sam Jaja and Barrister Raj Nnaji who both brought cases against the NFF. Specifically, Nigeria's supervising sports minister, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi was praised for his work in the matter, according to

Both men who brought court cases up to the NFF have withdrawn their complaints and Abdullahi explained the government is attempting to get a bill passed to prevent further issues in the future.

"Nigeria is a very important country to us; in fact, one of the most important countries. So what happens in Nigerian football has great significance for us in FIFA," FIFA president Sepp Blatter said at the meeting.

FIFA officials were also impressed at the nation's dedication to supporting football, as the government gives the NFF about $20 million each year, according to the World Stage Group. The organization hopes now that old grievances have been resolved, Nigeria can begin to focus on improving the transparency of the NFF to avoid such issues in the future.

Those who want to find out more about the recent NFF drama can make calls to Nigeria and ask their friends for more details.


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