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Spotify enters Germany market

March 12, 2012

Spotify, an international digital music firm, will be available in Germany this week. The company provides its users with access to billions of songs and the ability to search for specific tracks, much like rival company Grooveshark. The service was first made available in a few European countries, and has since been launched in the U.K. and America. Germany may well be the next country to allow the company to do business within its borders, according to the Financial Times.

Grooveshark recently pulled out of the German market, citing expensive licensing fees, the BBC News reports. Spofity faces similar issues, but have since restructured their business model to put a bigger emphasis on the subscription service to encourage Germans to pay to use Spotify. Paid subscriptions allow users to listen to music as long as they like without commercial interruption, and grants them access on their smartphones and some other handheld devices.

German music lovers will be able to access Spotify on Tuesday, March 13, according to the FT. Those who are living or working in countries that already allow access to Spotify can make calls to Germany with phone cards to tell their friends about the program.


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