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Putin offers cabinet position to Prokhorov, who declines

March 7, 2012

In what appears to be an act of goodwill, newly-elected President Vladimir Putin recently extended a job offer to his biggest competitors from the political race. The Telegraph reports that Putin offered Mikhail Prokhorov a cabinet position after the billionaire tycoon came in third in the elections.

"Mikhail Dmitriyevich (Prokhorov) is a serious man, a good businessman," Putin said of his opponent. "In principle, he could be in demand in the government, if he should want this himself."

During the elections, Prokhorov's candidacy was rumored to possibly have been a ploy set up by the Kremlin to garner more votes for Putin. However, the liberal politician has vehemently denied the connection since the beginning. He also told the public he would decline Putin's job offer. The Telegraph reports Prokhorov also revealed he had no interest in working in any level of the "current political system."

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