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Canada honors women's role in national history

March 7, 2012

March 7 is International Women's Day, and Canada is honoring its female population by designating 16 new women, events and historic sites that recognize women's role in the nation's history. This year's national theme for International Women's Week in Canada is "Strong Women, Strong Canada - Women in Rural, Remote and Northern Communities: Key to Canada's Economic Prosperity.

"The contribution of women to the Canadian identity cannot be overstated, and I'm very happy to announce 16 new designations that recognize the leadership, expertise and creativity of women who have, individually and collectively, helped create the Canada of today," said Canada's environmental minister and minister for Parks Canada Peter Kent. "National historic designations like these connect us to the forces that made Canada. By understanding and appreciating our shared history and a sense of common purpose, we become a stronger Canada."

Some of the women being honored are the ladies who who have worked in the outport fisheries of Newfoundland and Labrador, without whom, the region's economy would suffer. The Mother House of the Grey Nuns in Montreal and the Canadian Federation of University Women are also getting recognition.

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