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Natural gas fires off Nigerian coast finally extinguish themselves

March 6, 2012

On January 16, there was a natural gas explosion on a Chevron exploration rig off the coast of Nigeria. Fires continued to burn for 46 days following the incident, but they have finally gone out, according to the BBC News. Two workers aboard the rig were killed in the explosion, which many believe to be the worst of its kind in many years.

The continuous fires managed to weaken the steel structure of the rig enough that it has collapsed into the Atlantic Ocean. One month after the explosion, flames were shooting up higher than 16 feet above the water's surface. Rock fragments managed to block off the leak, putting a stop to the escape of the flammable gases, but Chervon officials promise to seal the well completely to prevent further problems.

"We continue to watch to ensure gas doesn't begin to flow," Chevron spokesman Russell Johnson told The Associated Press. Once they are certain the location is safe, the exploration rig will be abandoned.

Those who have been working or studying outside the country can find out more by calling Nigeria to discuss the event with their friends.


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