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Environmental activist to sail 8,000 miles to raise awareness for dolphin protection

March 6, 2012

Jim Sullivan, a 50-year-old environmental activist and radio show host from California, is embarking on an 8,000 mile journey aboard his 30-foot sailboat. The Asian Journal reports he will depart from Marina Del Ray, California, on Sunday and head to the Philippines.

"The main reason I am doing this is I want to make a positive statement at this point in my life and make a difference," Sullivan told the news source. "It's hard because when we watch the news sometimes we think there's nothing we can do. So if I go out into the ocean and show I can sail without an engine over 8,000 miles, that alone is a great challenge for me and to also raise awareness about the whales and dolphins that are being slaughtered worldwide."

Sullivan hopes his journey will raise awareness for Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project, a campaign by the Earth Island Institute to curb exploitation and slaughter of dolphins around the world.

When he arrives in Cebu around June, Sullivan plans to marry his fiancee, Sharon, who will be there waiting for him.

Those interested in the story can find out about Sullivan's journey and arrival by calling the Philippines with international phone cards.


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