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Putin wins Russian elections, many claim voting fraud was involved

March 5, 2012

Russia's presidential elections were held over the weekend, and as many predicted, Putin was the clear victor. However, thousands of Russians are contesting the results by protesting. Reuters reports that more than 20,000 people gathered in Moscow's Pushkin Square to rally against Putin and the election results.

While Russia's Central Election Commission stands by their claim that voting was conducted fairly, the U.S. has suggested to the Russian government that they should investigate the allegations that the elections were flawed, according to CBS News. However, claims have been made that much of the voting was done with little or no oversight. Other potential issues that could corrupt the elections include ballot stuffing, carousel voting in which voters cast their ballots at multiple locations and the possible misuse of absentee ballots.

While Putin celebrates his victory, thousands of people who opposed his bid for the presidency have taken to the streets to let their voices be heard. Those who are out of the country for work or school can use international phone cards to make calls to Russia and find out more as the election scandal develops.


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