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Russia's elections to be held this weekend

March 2, 2012

Russia's presidential race is inching toward the finish line, and voters will head to the polls this Sunday to choose who they would like to see represent the nation. There are five candidates jockeying to win the election, but the contest is largely between incumbent Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov.

Many rallies have been held throughout the country to protest Putin's bid for the presidency, but Putin still has plenty of supporters and The Huffington Post reports he is not phased by the demonstrations against him. However, RIA Novosti reports the demonstrations will not slow down if Putin wins the first election.

"We've seen an intense election campaign by Putin, and it looks to have been effective," political analyst Maria Lipman of the Carnegie Moscow Center told the news source. "It's almost a given now that he will win the first round of voting."

Since he seems to be the shoein, protesters are already planning their next move. Those who are out of the country for work or school can find out the results of the election by calling Russia with international phone cards.


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