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Brazilian bishop and wife murdered recently

February 29, 2012

Edward Robinson Cavalcanti, the Anglican bishop of Pernambuco and his wife Miriam were found dead in their Olinda home over the weekend. An anonymous spokesperson from the state's public safety department told The Associated Press that the couple's adopted son Eduardo is the main suspect in the murder of his parents. Eduardo was hospitalized after attempting to kill himself with poison, and the news source reports investigators have found evidence detailing a storied past of violent behavior and drug abuse.

Bishop Cavalcanti, 68, made the news a few years ago, when he denounced an openly gay American bishop from New Hampshire back in 2006, The Washington Post reports. Outside of this controversial matter, Cavalcanti was well-loved by his peers.

"He was sensitive to social issues and concerned with problems that affected the poor," Reverend Fernando Saburido, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Olinda and Recife, told the AP. "He will be sorely missed."

Those curious about the developments of this murder mystery can use international phone cards to make calls to Brazil and talk to their friends about the tragedy.


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