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Investigators link political party to fraudulent calls from last elections

February 29, 2012

In Canada's last federal election, citizens living in Guelph, Ontario, received calls informing them the polling station location had been changed. The Canada Press reports that voters claim the calls came from a phone number with a Montreal area code, and investigators have found that the number was registered to someone named "Pierre Poutine" from Quebec.

"I believe that the individual(s) behind the misleading calls which are the subject of this investigation would not want a local campaign to be identified with the calls, as they amount to improper activity, and consequently I believe that any expense would likely be omitted from a campaign return," Elections Canada's chief investigator Al Matthews told the publication.

Not only was Pierre Poutine's number connected to the fraudulent calls, but phone records showed the call center connected to the mystery caller also received calls from Marty Burke's Conservative campaign, according to the CBC. This may point to an involvement between the political party and Pierre Poutine.

Those who want to find out more about the story as it unfolds can make calls to Canada and talk to their friends about the scandalous situation.


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