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Many think murder plot against Putin may have been ploy before elections

February 29, 2012

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's life was recent threatened by an Islamic rebel group, but he was not phased by this news. Many thought the news story could have been a well-timed stunt to bolster votes in the upcoming presidential elections, according to The Montreal Gazette. Putin has been the front-runner for the presidency since the beginning of the electoral race, despite waning support for the incumbent Prime  Minister.

"If you are afraid all the time, then you cannot live - let them fear us," Putin told reporters after the incident, according to Reuters. "People in my position have to live with such things. I have lived with this since 1999 and it has been going on constantly."

Putin has also been dealing with protests and rallies against him, as many Russian citizens display their displeasure with the political leader, who has held some form of power in the Russian government since 1999. The Gazette reports polls in the past few days have seen modest improvements in support for Putin.

The presidential elections will take place this Sunday, and those living or working outside the country can find out how things are going by calling Russia with international phone cards.


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