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First Chinese architect wins Pritzker Architecture Prize

February 28, 2012

Wang Shu recently became the first Chinese architect to win the coveted Pritzker Architecture Prize. The New York Times reports that Wang's designs use salvaged materials to create modern designs, combining tradition with innovation. Many of his buildings have been designed with the intention of incorporating the structure with its surroundings and not just building on top of them.

"Normally architects want to design every detail and control everything," Wang told the Los Angeles Times. "They'll think that's the best way to make sure the work becomes perfect. I find that when the craftsmen can't follow my drawings exactly, that's when amazing things happen."

When the Hyatt Foundation announced Wang as the winner, Thomas J. Pritzker, chairman of the foundation, explained that their selection was not just about Wang's personal accomplishments. It also serves to acknowledge China's growing presence in the further development of architecture.

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