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Nelson Mandela's hospital visit ends on positive note

February 28, 2012

South Africa's former president Nelson Mandela, 93, recently went to Johannesburg's Milpark hospital to have an abdominal examination after reporting pains. The New York Times reports that everyone in South Africa waited with baited breath to find out if their former leader would be alright.

"The doctors have decided to send him home as the diagnostic procedure he underwent did not indicate anything seriously wrong with him," said a spokesperson from President Zuma's office.

Rumors were flying that Mandela had to have hernia surgery, as Mandela's health has been waning since he was hospitalized for respiratory issues last year. But defence minister Lindiwe Sisulu put a stop to speculations, ensuring that Mandela is fine, according to Reuters.

However, Mandela retired from public life nearly a decade ago, and has not made a public appearance since 2010. The average life expectancy is still less than 80 years, so it is not surprising that close associates of Mandela's have been describing him as "frail" for years now.

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