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Arizona officials plan trip to Mexico to promote international business and tourism

February 28, 2012

Mexico will soon welcome Phoenix, Arizona, Mayor Greg Stanton and city manager David Cavasos to talk business. The Phoenix Business Journal reports that Mexico is Arizon'a biggest trading partner, bringing about $5.7 billion into the state last year.

"We're there to talk about what we do well in the city of Phoenix, but we're also there to listen," said Mayor Stanton, according to the news source. "We need to put Arizona's divisive politics aside and focus on jobs, tourism and the economy with Phoenix's biggest customer."

The Mayor hopes to not only strengthen business ties, but to promote Mexican tourism in Arizona, The Republic reports. The three-day trip will take Stanton and Cavasos to Veracruz and Mexico City where they will meet with Mexican leaders and speak at the Annual Conference of Municipalities in Veracruz.

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