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Russian movie, Hipsters, to debut in U.S.

February 24, 2012

Hipsters, a movie released four years ago in Russia is making its American debut beginning this week. The musical is set in Moscow in the 1950s and chronicles the struggles of young hipsters fighting against the Komsomol Communist youth party, according to PRI's The World. The hipsters spend their time in jazz cafes dancing, smoking cigarettes and trying to evade the Komsomol.

"Each hipster is a potential criminal," the trailer starts out. "A saxophone is just a step away from a switch-blade."

The main character, Mels (played by Anton Shagin), starts out as a member of the Komsomol party. After setting his eyes on a pretty blond hipster (Oksana Akinshina), Mels falls in love and switches sides. He learns to play the sax, dance and be himself in this retro flick. Director Valery Todorovsky told The World that he met with real hipsters from the time to get a true sense of life for these rebellious folks at a time when their ways were unaccepted by the rest of Russia.

The New York Times reports that the movie was adapted from the novel "Boogie Bones" by Yuri Korotkov. Those living in American for work or school can use international phone cards to make calls to Russia to talk to their friends about the movie. 


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