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Vice President of China visits old friends in Iowa

February 16, 2012

China's Vice President Xi Jinping recently traveled to the United States to meet with American leaders, and he also seized the opportunity to revisit a small heartland town.

CNN reports that Xi came to the U.S. in 1985 to learn what he could about American agricultural practices. The future political leader stayed in the town of Muscatine, Iowa, and recently met up with those he befriended some 27 years ago.

"My impression of the country came from you," he told his old friends who gathered to welcome him back, according to The Daily Mail. "For me, you are America."

Xi's stop in Iowa also included a more formal state dinner, and the vice president of China appeared to be just as comfortable there as he was in his friend's living room, Business Week reports.

"He's very outgoing, very personable," Iowa Governor Terry Branstad told the publication. "People that meet him like him. He made friends instantaneously in Iowa."

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