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Philippine golfer ends six-year no-win streak at Philippine Open

February 13, 2012

Professional golfer Mardan Mamat recently came out as the victor at the Philippine Open, marking the player's first win in six years. The Philippine Star reports that the 44-year-old athlete won the tournament by five strokes, and managed to stay calm throughout the game. However, once it was over, Mamat shed a few tears, especially when reporters questioned him about not winning and whether he ever considered quitting.

"It was my wife who encouraged me a lot, pushed me a lot," Mamat told the publication of the support from his wife, Naz. "She kept saying, 'You love this game, so why quit now?'"

Mamat also thanked Philippine golf legend Frankie Minoza for offering a few words of wisdom before the tournament. The news source reports that Minoza simply recommended that Mamat be patient with the course, which he did.

The Malaysia Star reports that Mamat was already three strokes ahead by the fourth hole, and he was the clear victor through the second half of the game. Golf enthusiasts can make calls to the Philippines with international phone cards to talk to their friends about the tournament and Mamat's victory.


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