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Germany's Golden Camera Awards honor American actors

February 9, 2012

Last Saturday, the 47th annual Golden Camera Awards were held in Berlin, Germany, and a few American actors were honored along with German celebrities. The Washington Post reports that Scarlett Johansson and Denzel Washington were among the award winners, receiving awards for Best International Actress and Actor, respectively.

Morgan Freeman, 74, was honored with a Golden Camera Trophy for International Lifetime Achievement, which he said was a "great honor," according to the news publication. The awards, which were once for television programs only, now encompass movies, music, sports and activism.

The International Business Times states that Mario Adorf was chosen as the recipient of the German Lifetime Achievement award. Adorf has acted in over 200 films, and is best known for his roles in The Tin Drum, Rossini and Lola, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Those who were out of the country for work or school can use international calling cards to make calls to Germany and find out more about the awards from their friends.


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