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Bahai police strike endangers citizens, threatens national events

February 7, 2012

Bahai, Brazil's third-largest city, has recently been in turmoil since the majority of the police force has gone on strike. Reuters reports that already more than 100 murders have occurred and crime is rampant in the city. National officials deployed more than 3,000 military troops to try to restore order and keep the peace until the matter is resolved, but many are worried what this could mean for the upcoming Carnival and the more-distant 2014 World Cup finals.

According to The Associated Press, city officials are working to settle matters with nearly 300 members of a federal police force who are striking for better pay and amnesty for the strike. A federal judge deemed the strike an illegal work stoppage, so officials are as of now unwilling to grant the officers amnesty. However, they have offered a 6.5 percent raise to the unhappy group.

Those who are living or working outside the country can make calls to Brazil with international phone cards to check on their loved ones and find out the latest news on the strike. This has been going on for about a week, and many fear order will not be restored before the second-largest Carnival celebration kicks off in less than two weeks. 


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