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Philippines rocked by massive earthquake

February 6, 2012

A recent earthquake is causing chaos in the Philippines where at least 53 people are dead or missing. The 6.9-magnitude earthquake is just the latest in a number of natural disasters that have slammed the island nation, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The earthquake, which took place on Monday afternoon, caused a number of landslides which have left an additional 40 people missing. Houses were buried by the massive shifting land, leaving some individuals trapped in their homes. Those who have family or friends in the Philippines may want to look into prepaid calling cards in order to connect with loved ones and ensure they are safe.

"As of 8pm tonight we have 10 identified dead and five still unidentified dead and 29 are still missing," civil defence operations officer Ver Neil balaba told the BBC. "The 29 have been identified but they are still missing. Their bodies have not been found."

The quake occurred on Negros island, north of Dumaguete city, at a depth of 20 kilometers. The news source reports that initially there were fears of a tsunami, but they have since subsided.


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