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Brazilian fashion designers now offer plus-size swimwear options

January 31, 2012

Brazil's fashion world is growing, literally. The nation's retail industry is beginning to gear itself toward women who aren't the size of models, which is most women around the world. Namely, bathing suit designers are starting to offer larger sizes of their swimwear for Brazilian women, according to The Associated Press.

"It used to be bikinis were only in tiny sizes that only skinny girls could  fit into," Elisangela Inez Soares, a curvy 38-year-old mother of four, told the news source. "But not everyone is built like a model. Finally, it seems like people are beginning to realize that we're not all Gisele."

Brazilian ladies who are working or studying outside the country can make calls to Brazil to talk to their friends about the growing selection of beachwear for normal women.

Clarice Rebelatto is one of the designers changing her swimwear line to meet the needs of modern Brazilian women who want more options than just t-shirts and shorts when they head to the beach. Her line, Lehona, is taking Brazil by storm, according to, but there are plenty who oppose the idea of scantily clad women with curves.


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