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Mass Russian opposition rally officially allowed to demonstrate against Putin

January 26, 2012

Russian officials recently granted permission for a protest rally to be held in Moscow. The AFP reports that Moscow's city hall will allow as many as 50,000 protesters to march in a display of their opposition of presidential candidate and incumbent Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The march will be held midday on February 4, and it will be the third of its kind since December. United Russia political figures have denied that they are involved with the organization of the protest march, but Russia's leading news source RIA Novosti reports that many party members will attend the rally.

"As far as I know, a rally in Moscow is planned on [February] fourth, and everyone is invited," senior United Russia member Sergei Neverov told the publication. "I personally will also attend if I get an invitation from the organizing committee."

Many Russian citizens do not want Putin to be re-elected on March 4, but the AFP states that there will likely be another rally in answer to this one, fueled by Putin's supporters.

Those who are working or studying in other countries can use international phone cards to make calls to Russia and talk to their friends about the political unrest and coming rallies.


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