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Cameroon Olympic team to train in Scotland prior to the London games

January 20, 2012

The Cameroon Olympic team will spend a few weeks before the 2012 London Olympics training in the U.K. city of Aberdeen. Scotland's Daily Record reports that 60 athletes and staff from Cameroon will prepare for the games and acclimate to the region prior to the summer Olympics, which begin on July 27.

"As the country prepares for the Olympic and Paralympic games, our schools and community program will encourage the whole community to access sporting opportunities which will hopefully encourage a lifelong interest in sport and the benefits it brings," Aberdeen City Council's chief executive Valerie Watts explained to the BBC News. "It also helps bring the excitement and thrill of London 2012 closer to home."

Those traveling to the U.K. for the international games can use international phone cards to make calls to Cameroon to tell their loved ones about the experience.

The African athletes will likely need the time in Aberdeen to get used to the cooler climate. The U.K. city has an average temperature of about 57 degrees Fahrenheit in July, while Cameroon's capital city is typically around 78 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer month.


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