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UFC fighter Vitor Belfort returns home to Brazil for Saturday's fight

January 13, 2012

Tomorrow night, Brazilian UFC fighter Vitor Belfort will return to his home country to take on American Anthony Johnson. reports that it has been 14 years since Belfort last fought in Brazil. Johnson told the news source that he's not worried about the fight, even though the vast majority of the audience will likely be supporting Belfort. In fact, he even hinted that Belfort is the one who should be nervous.

"I feel no pressure at all," Johnson told ESPN. "I don't have to perform in front of my home country."

However, it appears that Belfort is not at all phased by returning home to duke it out with Johnson.

"I do my best no matter where I'm at, but I know that crowd's going to be the loudest crowd ever," Belfrot told reporter Ben Fowlkes in an interview. "I'm going to enjoy the moment. It's a party every time I step in that Octagon. It's party time."

UFC fans who will not be in Brazil for the fight can use international calling cards to make calls to Brazil and get play-by-play updates from their friends.


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