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Italy's economy finds stability, Germany's begins to weaken

January 11, 2012

Economic instability in Europe has been an ongoing concern, and political leaders from Germany and Italy recently banded together to try to confront the debt crisis head-on. CNNMoney reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently offered praise to Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti for his work to find ways to improve Italy's economy and cut public spending.

"We have followed with great respect how quickly the measures are being implemented," Merkel said, according to the news source. "The work of the Italian government is being honored."

Monti followed up Merkel's praise by proudly reporting that Italy may no longer be as much of a threat to the overall European economy than it has been in recent months. On the other side of things, Germany's economy is beginning to show signs that it may be weakening. The Associated Press states that the nation's economy dipped in the last quarter of 2011, which many are interpreting as a bad omen for 2012. People can make calls to Germany to check up on their loved ones during these difficult economic times.


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