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Mexico City residents bare it all for annual No Pants Subway Ride

January 10, 2012

Last Saturday, at least 700 commuters in Mexico City reportedly rode the subway sans pants. This wasn't a protest or a weird, isolated phenomenon. The pantsless riders were participating in a worldwide flash mob, according to the United Press International (UPI). Improv Everywhere, the group that started the flash mob trend with just seven people in New York City ten years ago, has been organizing the No Pants Subway Ride for years, and 2011 is the second time that Mexican people have stripped down to ride the trains.

Sky News reports that people in 60 cities around the globe, from Tel Aviv and Mexico City to London and Madrid, took part this year. Those who may have been out of the country for work or school can make calls to Mexico with international calling cards to find out if their friends took part or got to witness the unique sight.

"The purpose is to have fun and entertain people," Dan Becherano, one of the organizers, told UPI. "The purpose of flash mobs is to show how we can get together without knowing each other and work as teams without really having seen each other ahead of time. The most important thing will be the victims - the reaction of people who aren't involved."


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