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Floods cause disasters in Brazil

January 5, 2012

Recent flooding in Brazil has caused destruction in many towns and villages throughout the south-eastern region of the nation. Floods are a common occurrence during the rainy season, but they've been growing more dangerous to the local populations lately, BBC News reports. More than 800 people perished in the floods last year, and officials have reported that more than 2 million have been affected some way this year.

Campos de Goytacazes was hit especially hard when water broke through a dam that had been protecting the town. The publication reports that the breach created a massive crater in a nearby highway, and residents of the town and other communities along the Muriae River are being evacuated before the areas are flooded.

"Practically all the families are leaving," civil defense official Henrique Oliveira said, according to the BBC. "The river might rise three and a half meters, four meters. Only the roofs will be visible."

Floods have blocked off many roads and officials in 66 Brazilian states have already declared states of emergency. People who are traveling outside the country for work or school can make calls to Brazil to make sure their loved ones are safe.


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