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Nuclear sub in Russia catches fire, takes a day to extinguish

December 30, 2011

A Russian nuclear submarine docked outside the northern city of Murmansk erupted in flames on Thursday. The Associated Press reports that the fires were finally extinguished on Friday, but the cause is still unknown. The Russian Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry assured the public that no radiation leaked as a result of the blaze, nor were there any nuclear warheads on board at the time.

However, there were military personnel inside the submarine, seven of whom are being treated for carbon monoxide inhalation. It is not yet known whether the crew was trapped inside because of the fire or ordered to stay there for their own safety. A full investigation into the cause of the fire is being launched and if there was any foul play, the government promises to dole out the appropriate punishment, according to the AP.

People who are living outside of the country or traveling internationally, can make calls to Russia to find out more about the fire. The incident may also stir up some interest in preventative action in the event of a nuclear catastrophe, such as the one that was narrowly avoided in Murmansk.


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