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China tests 300-mph train

December 28, 2011

Traveling by train is seemingly making a comeback, or it at least seems so as new, high-speed train lines have been opening around the world as of late. A train that runs from Moscow to Paris had its inaugural run a few weeks ago, and now China is introducing a unique locomotive. According to Xinhua, CSR Corp, China's largest rail vehicle manufacturer, recently conducted the first test run of its super-speed train.

The company's chief technician, Ding Sansan, told the news source that the concept for the speedy train was inspired by China's ancient sword. The six-car train, which is capable of reaching speeds up to about 310 milers per hour, is made of plastic that has been reinforced by lightweight, carbon-fiber and magnesium alloy. This allows the new vehicle to reach higher speeds than the commercial bullet train currently being used in China, which travels at around 186 miles per hour, according to the AFP.

The publication also indicates that the prototype comes at the same time as official announcements to cut the railway budget. However, a new rail line that connects Guangdong, Guangzhou, to Shenzen City near Hong Kong, just opened earlier this week.

People who are unable to reach their destinations due to rail work can make calls to China to stay in touch with their coworkers or loved ones long-distance.


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