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Mexico has big plans for 2012

December 21, 2011

The new year is approaching, and 2012 is also the year that the Mayan calendar comes to an end. Many fear that this could be the end of the world as we know it, but in Mexico, people are planning a year-long celebration of this monumental occasion. Cities and towns in the Mayan region of the nation will begin a yearlong countdown to December 21, 2012, according to The Associated Press.

"The world will not end. It is an era," Yeanet Zaldo, a tourism spokeswoman for Quintana Roo, the region surrounding Cancun, told the news source. "For us, it is a message of hope."

The people of Quintana Roo are putting together a time capsule to be buried for 50 years on the fateful day in December. Another city will display an eight-foot countdown clock in one of its main parks, and a Mayan museum is being constructed in the Yucatan.

People who will be working or studying outside of the country can make calls to Mexico to stay in touch with their loved ones to hear the latest news concerning the end of the Mayan calendar.


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