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Nigeria Fashion Week goes "green"

December 21, 2011

One of the main themes of this year's Nigeria Fashion Week was "going green," and one of the shows took the theme literally. The Going Green Collection featured a nothing but green hues and recycled materials to exemplify the message of sustainability and environmental awareness, according to The Nation.

"The whole world is going green and that means the whole world is thinking about sustaining our environment," Lexy Mojo-Eyes, the president of Nigeria Fashion Week, told CNN. "We thought this is our little contribution."

Adegbe, one of the designers who contributed to the show, created a mermaid-inspired dress using real fish scales. He told the news publication that he had been going to fish shops for months, collecting the scales for his project. Other designers used recycled goods, such as trash bags, paper, plants and a number of varied items.

Fashionistas who missed the event can make calls to Nigeria with international calling cards to talk to their friends about the latest trends that were unveiled at the event.


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